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Here you will find testimonials that Carol has gathered over the years in response to her excellent services. If you have experienced Carol's therapies and wish to submit your testimonial for inclusion in this list, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Pat and Herman Thun, Austin TX

We have enjoyed our every other week massages with Carol for 15 plus years. Even after she moved from Austin to San Antonio, she still continued to come every other week. She is always on time and calls us if there is a delay. She plays great music during the massages and deals with any special ailment needs we may have. She is a very pleasant person. Her professional rates are very reasonable. We highly recommend her to all who desire massage services.

Devi Elizabeth Reeve, Middletown, CT

I got off the table and exclaimed “that is the best massage I have ever had”! I have been getting massages for 40 years and that was the best one. My husband had the appointment time following me - when I saw him afterwards, he said “that is the best massage I ever had”. Carol’s unique presence combined with her oils and loving touch is truly healing and transformative.

DGabrielle Bovenzi, Indianapolis, IN - Raindrop Massage

I winter in San Antonio and found Carol via an internet search; the testimonials were so positive I decided to get a Raindrop Massage (and then another one!). I consider meeting her and the raindrop massages a HIGHLIGHT of my winter stay in SA. The use of the essential oils along with the relaxing massage and the reiki left me relaxed mentally and physically. Part of the experience included hot towels on my back and wrapped around my feet…wonderful!! Her choice of music is so relaxing and soothing. Carol is attentive to your needs and any areas you may want to target. For example, my left shoulder has restricted range of motion and after the massage my range of motion was greatly improved and pain was relieved. I will visit Carol regularly during my winter visits and I highly recommend you visit her regularly also!

Ashley Garcia, Floresville, Texas - PreNatal Massage

Little Gabriella finally decided to come 8/15 @ 6:15 pm, 7lb, 6 oz :) Thanks for all the prenatal massages. I feel it really helped my labor.

Kari Hines, Pleasanton, Texas - Raindrop Massage

I just had the most amazing massage ever! Carol incorporated the Young Living essential oil Raindrop Technique with a relaxing massage, and some Reiki also. My mind, as well as my bod, feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated! Her prices are very reasonable. Carol is a compassionate therapist who really cares about the well being of her clients. I am going to make it a priority to schedule follow up visits on a regular basis. I feel like a wilted plant that just received a revitalizing rain! I highly recommend her services!

Chelsea Blackbird, West, Texas - Raindrop Massage

Carol gave Raindrop Massages at our Women’s Retreat. It was fabulous! The ladies felt relaxed and pampered, and loved the experience of the massage technique. We can’t wait to have her come back next year.

Amanda Richards, Australia - Raindrop Massage

This was my first time getting a Raindrop massage. The essential oils combined with a massage...WOW!! That was the BEST massage I’ve ever had. It was so relaxing. Carol is amazing! I highly recommend her.

Diana Walker-Raindrop Massage

I began receiving massages from Carol approximately in 2003. Several years later she added Raindrop Massage. The results were amazing. The greatest thing: my immune system was able to fight off all allergens and I was able to get off all such meds!! Well, due to moves to San Antonio, and conflicts of schedule, I stopped getting massages. I have learned my lesson! My allergies are back, resulting in an inner ear infection and time lost from work! Prevention is worth much more than the "cure"...Raindrop is back in my REGULAR schedule.

Kendall Nattinger-Raindrop Massage

I have scoliosis that causes me back and neck pain 24/7. For the past four months I have received a raindrop massage from Carol about every two weeks and it immediately brings relief to my problem areas caused by my scoliosis.

Tasha Ripley-Brown-Reiki Training

Reiki opened my life to new possibilities. The classes to be a Reiki Practitioner with Carol were amazing, fulfilling and therapeutic. I completed all three levels with her. She was thorough in her explanation and demonstration, as well as detailed in her history and education of the practice. She made it clear that she is my master for life and always available to assist me in my Reiki journey. I am so proud to have Carol as my Reiki Master. Thank you, Carol!

Lisa Embree-Raindrop Massage

I was an avid Young Living Essential Oil user for 2 years when a friend asked me about the Raindrop Massage she read about in our Essential Oil Reference Guide. I personally had not experienced a Raindrop Massage but I heard great things about them so I started my search. Surprisingly we only found a few massage therapists in Austin & San Antonio who specialized in Raindrop Massage & since Carol travels to Austin periodically we decided to take a trip to San Antonio to experience this special massage. She was worth the trip and now we are on her Austin schedule! The history on how the Raindrop Technique came about is extensive but Carol takes a complex technique and simplifies it with an incredible healing touch. Her knowledge of the oils & a variety of massage techniques is extensive and your body will benefit greatly from her skilled hands!

John Krause-Reiki Massage

I recently had a dentist appointment for having all my teeth extracted for dentures, and I had to reschedule for the next week because my blood pressure went sky high. I'd never had high blood pressure, so the next week before I was rescheduled I started taking my blood pressure several hours beforehand. As the time for the surgery got closer, my blood pressure went up again. I had my wife Carol put her hands on my shoulders and send Reiki to relieve my stress. After about a minute I checked my blood pressure again and it had dropped 17 points on both numbers! Carol and I were amazed! She went with me for the surgery and did Reiki on my feet the entire time, and my blood pressure remained normal. What a great testimony for the calming benefits of Reiki!

Rita Mckay-Reiki Massage

Carol has magic fingers. She makes you feel good all over. I first met Carol a couple years ago at a birthday gathering. She made us all oooh and aaaah. We like her so much, we invited her to come to our office to do chair massages on our employees during a real busy time. She drew the tension of stress out of all of us. And now I am buying gift certificates for Christmas presents. I would recommend Carol to anyone. She truly has a magic touch that gives you that sense of well being.

Erika Hazelwood-Reiki Massage

I frequently do massage trades with Carol. After working with her I am relaxed yet rejuvinated. The intensity of the Reiki she implements into each session is so amazing. It heals you on every level. I am so lucky to have such a special and talented friend like Carol to bring my mind and body back to a healing harmony.

Diana Hendrich-Reiki Massage

I have known Carol for over two years and have received the benefits of her massage. She is a highly compassionate individual that I have total comfort in recommending to anyone. Whether in a recouperating time of life, a stressful time, or just good body maintenance, Carol will help you achieve your personal goals. Her hands are "on loan from God".

Jill Nicholson-Reiki Massage

I first experienced the magic and healing powers of massage with Carol Krause when I scheduled a 45 minute massage session with her at an upscale spa for discriminating clientele in Austin, Texas. That was over two years ago. She has been my personal masseuse ever since, coming to my home on a weekly basis to provide me with an hourly massage of pure bliss. I credit her with restoring my health and energy, relieving my stress and prolonging my life.

While massage has become an increasingly popular treatment in today’s spa experience, in my opinion, there are only a handful of highly experienced masseuses. Carol is one of the few massage “masters” who has the professionalism and innate ability to read her clients needs and satisfy them. She also incorporates the gentle and healing energy of Reiki into her massage technique. Her integrity, services, experience, and attention to detail are truly one of a kind.

It is both an honor and privilege to recommend Carol Krause highly and without reservation. One leaves her massage experience with an overall sense of well-being, energy and relaxation. I suggest you set up an appointment with her soon. After your session, you will probably start to request and depend upon Carol’s services on a regular basis, just as I do.

Sarah Wallis-Reiki Massage

Do you want to feel good? Take those kinks out? Just come see Carol for that "oh that feels good" massage. I've been coming to Carol for over a year and firmly believe in massage therapy and Carol's touch.

Kay Johns-Reiki Massage

Carol has given Reiki classes and attunements for years. Because of that, her hands are hot all the time. So when you get a massage with Carol, you get a double treat: a great massage along with a warm Reiki treatment. In the middle of my massages with Carol, I always say, "Carol, I'm in heaven!" And when I get a Raindrop Massage, I feel like a queen in heaven being pampered. Carol is such a master healer.

Cecile Cox-Reiki Massage

Carol is great! Just wonderful! Does a great massage!

Bonnie Lanier-Raindrop Massage

I love the combination of Raindrop Technique and massage. The Raindrop Technique provides the essential oils which are so healing to the back muscles and spine, while the massage relaxes the whole body and allows deep penetration of the healing energy.

Marsha Rambo-Raindrop Massage

I have been receiving Raindrop Massage from Carol for several months now on a regular basis. What makes Carol's treatments so wonderful is that she excels in technique, she exhibits true caring and compassion, and she is always finding ways to improve and deepen the experience of true relaxation. Her work is her art; and Carol's whole heart of service is reflected in every aspect of her interaction with each client. Carol goes beyond what is expected in providing bodywork; and her gentle kindness conveys to the heart the nurture of a true friend.

Herman Thun-Reiki Massage

I have never looked forward so much as to my bi-monthly massage at Carol's home studio. Up to two years ago (I am 72) I thought massages were all foolishness. Not so. I find them a great way to get relief from stress aches in the neck and shoulders. And, the feet, leg and back rubs are terrific. My wife and I highly recommend Carol. She is an intelligent, warm, and caring person.

Michael Gahan-Reiki Massage

I get massages from Carol because (a) she gives a great massage, and (b) she's my mom. I had a skydiving accident five years ago, which left me with a broken neck and five breaks in my pelvis. Needless to say, I have stiffness and pain on a daily basis. I feel so great after one of mom's massages. I would recommend her to anyone, even if she wasn't my mom.

Lani Trotter-Reiki Massage

Carol's massage techniques incorporate intuitive, holistic and spiritual healing. It's a complete package! Thanks Carol!

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